Riyad Hamad Images

Riyad Hamad is a Palestinian art director and passionate photographer based in Ramallah City. He travels  to search of the subtle: a Smile, Wink, Tears.

His challenge is trying to catch the story behind the eyes of strangers, the underlying magic that deserves to be seen and usually remains unnoticeable.

Riyad is open for new and challenging assignments so don’t hesitate to drop him a line at reyad_h@yahoo.com.
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فيلم فلسطيني باللغة الانجليزية يحكي قصة ثلاثة اطفال من غزة، لديهم احلام مختلفة، لم تتحقق بسبب العدوان الاسرائيلي على غزة الذي قتل الاطفال ودمر مدارسهم وهدم المسشفيات، أنتج وأخرج الفيلم المصمم والمصور الفوتوغرافي رياض حمد ليقدم رسالة الى العالم ويلفت انظارهم الى جرائم الاحتلال بغزة

Children in Gaza have been living under bombing and horror for a month, Israel is attacking their lives and hopes.
They have smiles, dreams, pretty eyes, innocent childhood, and future to live. We are all responsible for keeping their voices loud, and for keeping their kites flying.